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Neurology (The Institute of Neurological Sciences – TINS)


The Institute of Neurological Sciences (TINS) at VHS was establishes 52 years ago by the late Prof. Krishnamoorthy Srinivas, the founder Chairman of TINS.

TINS continues to provide excellent I.P., O.P. and Acute Care for patients, academic courses, and a PhD programme. TINS has expanded into a hub for community-based professional training, academic courses, internship training for post graduate candidates (social work and psychology), PhD programme, providing exposure to neuroscience research and expert clinical neurology.

On 17th March 2018 Dr. J. Senthil Nathan, MD, DM (Neuro) has been appointed as Head of Clinical Services for TINS-VHS and VHS CARES. He has been instrumental in collaborating with the Department of Neuro Surgery to enhance the quality of patient care, and the academic research that would help patients with Neurological disorders.


TINS, VHS has been a preferred venue for Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and philanthropists contribution. The main supporters are as follows (arranged in alphabetical order):- Amritha Hariraj; Bajaj Auto Limited; CEC Ponpadi; Kasturi& Sons, (The Hindu); Murgappa Group; Late Shri V.Sundaram- IAS; TVS Motors Ltd-Sundaram Clayton Ltd; Vasta Biotech Pvt. Ltd; Patrons: Deepa Krishnan Family; SANMAR Group of companies; Sri.P.V.Jaishankar, Mrs. Aparana Saikrishna Rajagopal


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  • Dr. Lakshmi Vijayakumar the extension of PhD Guide Recognition was granted on 7.7.2015.


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