Intensive Care Unit (ICU)


The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has the following facilities:

  • A step-down ICU with 9 beds

  • A cubicle area with 3 beds & with a separate toilet

  • A high infection cabin with 3 beds

  • A critical care unit with 6 beds

  • A Doctor and Counselling cabin

  • Individual call facility by patients

  • Computer-aided treatment records

  • O2 and suction piping for each bed

  • Direct access to the laboratory

  • A fast-track curtaining system for privacy


Dr. V. Senthilkumar, MBBS, DNB

All days

Dr. M. Raja, MBBS

All days

Dr. S. Sadhvia, MBBS

All days

Dr. Amrose Pradeep, MBBS, Fellow in HIV Medicine

All days

Dr. H. Smruthi, MBBS

All days