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General Surgery

General Surgery

The VHS Medical Centre has 6 fully equipped operation theatres with a central sterilization unit and ethylene sterilizers and sophisticated operating equipment.

The department of General Surgery regularly carries out routine surgical procedures like operations for hydrocele, hernia and piles as well as appendicectomies and thyroidectomies. It also performs diagnostic gastro-intestinal endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc. Procedures like endoscopic prostatectomy, ureteroscopy, stone extraction, and other urological processes are undertaken. Plastic surgery is also offered. Surgical interventions for benign and cancerous tumours of the breast, prostate, kidney, and other organs are standard activities

In collaboration with VHS’s Diabetes department, the management of diabetic foot complications is a major strength of this department.

The department is recognised for post-graduate training by the National Board of Examinations.