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The Diabetes department at VHS was started in 1965 and has made significant strides since then. It offers diabetic patients a decent affordable consultancy and specialised services and takes care of routine out-patient and in-patient diabetic care, covering all complications and emergencies.

The department’s strength is in Juvenile Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (JIDDM) and its management. Comprehensive lifetime free medicare is given to all JIDDM cases. This includes all basic investigations, free supply of insulin, syringes, needles, glucose metres for self-monitoring of blood glucose (whenever required), regular follow-up investigations, clinical check up for diabetes control, eye (including Fundus Fluorescein Angiography), kidney, nervous systems as well as co-morbid problems like high blood pressure, tuberculosis, infections, etc. These IDDM children as they grow up are also given psycho-social support by professionals with regard to education, adolescent problems, pre-marital counselling, vocational rehabilitation, including economic subsidies and interest-free loans.

The department has a full-fledged Diet and Nutrition wing that also trains Post-graduate Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics (DND) students. It has a unique dedicated diet counselling service, especially for diabetics with kidney complications (diabetic nephropathy and early renal failure cases) with specific goals of holding / reversing the condition and postponing / preventing renal dialysis.

There is regular collaboration on clinical and research programmes with leading diabetologists from abroad and highly popular endowment public lectures on diabetes and related topics are organised.

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