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The Dr.A.LAKSHMIPATHI NEUROSURGICAL CENTRE has grown in the last 25 years to be one of the finest in the country, setting standards for other departments. It has become a tertiary referral centre, for complex cranial and spinal cases.

The ALNC department functions at both the VHS Hospital and the Malar Hospital.

At the VHS Hospital the department has seventy five-bedded wards with separate male, female and special wards and two intensive care units with monitors and ventilators. There are twenty beds in the special wards which are used by neurosurgical patients. At the VHS, 2 dedicated operation theatres function five days a week, and are open 24 hours for emergencies. Trained theater staff, complete sets of microsurgical instruments and 3 Zeiss microscopes have made excellent neurosurgery possible.

The basic concept of the department is that no patient is to be turned away because of financial considerations. This allows us to treat a great variety of patients from different strata of society. The paying patients have the option of admission either to the paying wards of the VHS hospital or to the different wards of Malar hospital. The patients who cannot to be in either of these paying wards are admitted to the general ward of the VHS (also called the ALNC ward). Here they receive free medical consultation and treatment from the doctors. No surgical fees is charged for these patients. They however have to pay the hospital for medicines, bed charges and others incidentals according to their income group. These patients are categorized by the social workers of the VHS into five categories depending on their income. The lowest income groups fall into the category 1 or 2, where they pay negligible sums to the hospital even for major cranial or spinal surgery. Very poor patients are supported completely by the help of Indira Ramamurthi poor fund.

The Malar hospital is a corporate hospital started 10 years ago by Dr. S. Ramamurthy and currently has been taken over by the Fortis group and is known as Fortis-Malar Hospital. The infrastructure of such corporate hospitals was considered essential to serve the patient population of the department. The hospital is well geared to deal with major trauma as well as major elective Neurosurgery. The support of well equipped surgical, Medical, and Cardiac intensive Care Units has made possible to perform complex cases even as an emergency. An older Olympus microscope and a new Zeiss microscope with all standard microsurgical instruments and equipment needed for major cranial and spinal surgery have made it possible for us to treat a large number of patients.

Association with the Southern Railways Headquarters Hospital spans more than a decade. Dr. R.Ravi became an honorary consultant in Neurosurgery for the southern Railways in 1989. Currently Dr. M C Vasudevan is the Consultant Neurosurgeon at the Railway Hospital. There has therefore been a long association between the Railways and the VHS hospital. Neurosurgical patients from the entire Southern Railways are sent to the apex Headquarters Hospital at Perambur. The neurosurgical outpatient is run on Mondays at the Perambur Headquarters Hospital. Patients requiring surgery or Neurosurgical inpatient care are admitted to the VHS hospital. Often emergencies, including trauma are admitted directly and are managed.

The Department of Neurosurgery has both morning and evening Out patient clinics. The Out patient department runs from 10-00am to 12:30 pm every day from Monday to Friday at the VHS. More than 3000 patients were seen in the out patient last Year. Out patient pay clinics are run in the evening in the chambers of the consultants, where residents also see patients and are taught clinical neurology.

In the last 30 years 55649 patients have visited the morning out-patient department at the VHS. 20499 patients were admitted in the department of which 12191 patients were treated free of charges. A total of 12169 neurosurgical operations have been performed in these 30 years.

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