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The Opthalmology department has some very sophisticated equipment to deal with simple cataract surgeries as well as advanced vitreo-retinal surgeries, glaucoma diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases (especially diabetic retinopathy) and macular diseases.

The department has its own operation theatre with an operating microscope and facilities like photo-coagulator, Fundus camera and fluorescent angiogram equipment.
Apart from its work at the main VHS Medical Centre, the department is very active in the field of community ophthalmology, particularly cataract screening, at the Mini Health Centres and out-reach camps in schools, orphanages, old age homes, rural villages and urban slums. Cataract surgery with IOL implantation is done free of cost to the patient. Close to 9000 economically underprivileged people have benefited from this scheme.

In collaboration with the Udhi Eye Hospitals, the department is recognised for post-graduate training by the National Board of Examinations.

The following Services Offered by Department of Opthalmology :

OP Services Investigations Surgeries Treatment
1. Comprehensive Eye Examination -  Includes Refraction, Intra Ocular Pressure recording, Prescription of Glasses

2. Glaucoma Screening, Management
3. Neuro Ophthalmology
4. Uvea
5. Vitreo Retinal
6. Low Vision Care
7. Diabetic Retinopathy Screening and management
8. Dry Eye
9. Computer Vision Syndrome


1. Applantation and Non Contact Tonometry
2. Computerized Field Testing – Automated    Perimetry
3. Pachymetry – Ultra Sonic
4. Optical Coherence Tomography
5. Ultrasound B-Scan
6. A-Scan Biometry






1. Sutureless Cataract Surgery Phaco Emulsification  with Foldable Intra Ocular Lens
2. Anti Glaucoma Surgery
3. Pterygium Excision with Autograft
4. Intra Vitreal Injections
5. Vitreo Retinal Surgeries – Alcon Vitrctomy Machine






1.Laser Photo Coagulation – MultiSpot
2. ND-YAG Laser