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Rotary Central-TTK-VHS Blood Bank

The idea of a non-commercial blood bank run purely on voluntary blood donation was conceived by VHS in 1962, and it started working in 1963 with voluntary blood donors. Over the years, the Blood Bank has widened its scope of activities by supplying quality and safe blood to outside hospitals as well. The Blood Bank also organises blood donation camps at various locations, which has greatly helped in meeting the continuous demand for quality blood from VHS and the other hospitals. The VHS Blood Bank has been the only transfusion service unit doing Rh typing for all donors and recipients from its very inception and, in Chennai, is the only organisation which still does investigations for immunological causes of haemolytic diseases of the new born.

The quality of work at VHS attracted the Rotary Club of Central Chennai and the TTK Group of companies and they have helped to upgrade and increase the activities of the VHS Blood Bank. The Rotary Central-TTK-VHS Blood Bank was thus formed and moved in April 2001 to a spacious 8000 square feet building, with modern equipment, including a mobile collection unit, for blood bank operations. The Blood Bank works 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, supplying quality and safe blood and blood components in and around Chennai.

The Rotary Central-TTK-VHS Blood Bank is one of the best in Chennai. It is licensed by the Drug Controller and all blood samples are screened for HIV, Hepatitis and VDRL. With its modern, sophisticated equipment, it follows stringent quality measures in blood donor selection, collection of blood, processing of blood, and blood group serology. VHS has so far conducted around 2000 voluntary blood donation camps and continues to regularly do so in and around the city. It has made a name for itself as a source of quality and safe blood not only for its own patients, but also for many hospitals in Chennai.

The Blood Bank also has an ancillary unit that runs 24 hours comprehensive care for patients with haemophilia. Largely supported by the Madras Chapter of the Haemophilia Society of India, it treats patients with thallusemia and regular blood transfusion is arranged for all of them absolutely free of charge.