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Legacy of Dr.K.S.Sanjivi

Dr. K.S. Sanjivi, a doyen of the medical profession and Professor of Medicine  
brought about a major change , by visualising preventive and promotive health care rather than emphasis on curative care.

What our patients have to say about us:

Before I got in here ,took treatment for 10 days at a private clinic, during that time i Had to intake many Injections & tablets But my health never improved. Now at VHS i am feeling much better with the care of VHS.
Mrs. Devi, Viral fever patient
My heart felt thanks and Appreciations to each and every one who cared for my dad. Care of the staffs were exceptionally out standing, they offered the emotional and caring support to my father.  I will certaily recommend VHS to my Friends and family
N.Sunil Kumar S/O patient undergone a Surgery
At the beginning i did n’t knew the seriousness of my problem,have undergone a rough non-allopathic treatment which made my pain severe. Now with help of VHS i am able to get back to my normal life.
Mr. G. Rajavelu, Knee pain patient
VHS stands with us as a family in every medical needs. They have saved my father from stroke lately with immediate attention so i had no doubt about their treatment when i ran into ICU.
Mr. Balu, Food Allergic patient.