X-Ray, ECG & other Investigations


There are three X-Ray machines for screening of capacity

1. 700 MA
2. 300 MA
3. 200 MA

All contrast investigations are being done. Digital X-Ray has been installed with consoles in various IP cubicles.


Ultrasound investigations done

The Ultrasound Department is being operated by a team from MediScan Systems and performs abdominal, and trans rectal scans, vascular, small parts, obstetrics and gynaecological scans. The Department also carries out ultrasound guided invasive procedures like biopsies, aspirations, drainage of abscesses, Fine Needle aspiration cytology, etc. We are thankful to MediScan Systems for providing their support in running the Department. The revenue from the Department is given to VHS by MediScan.


CT scan and C-Arm Services are being provided by Medall Healthcare at VHS under a special arrangement. All these services are provided to the patients at affordable costs scaled according to the Dr. K.S. Sanjivi Medical Aid Plan.