The department has its own operation theatre with an operating microscope, state of art laureate phaco emulsification machine , alcon constellation vitrectomy machine. Apart from its work at the main VHS Medical Centre, the department is very active in the field of community ophthalmology, particularly cataract, diabetic Retinopathy & Glaucoma screening, at the Mini Health Centres and out-reach camps in schools, orphanages, old age homes, rural villages and urban slums


The Department has also collaborated with the Mini Health Centres operated in collaboration with the VHS-MAC Institute of Community Health. This made a noticeable impact on the curable blind people of the community and set a benchmark for other organisations to follow. WHO launched cataract surgery with IOL implantation much later, which has since been accepted as the method of choice by the Central and State Government. This programme has been the flagship programme done in association with the Sathya Sai Samithi for more than 15 years and is still an on-going programme.


Apart from the curative side, the Department has, since 2011, launched a major initiative to prevent blindness resulting from glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. VHS has launched the VHS-MAC Choodamani Blindness Prevention Project at Sholinganallur in 2012.So far, about 500 people in the community have been screened and appropriate measures have been instituted for them.


The department is supported by various philanthropists. Sathya Sai Seva Organisation has been a constant and continuous support to all our activities till date. Rotary club of Madras South -Trust had funded 10 retinal surgeries.67 patients were benefitted through OCT investigations using the endowment funds of The Hindu Group and 6 patients were benefitted through B scan using the endowment funds of Pavithra Kotha Vijayakumar Memorial fund.

Headed by Dr. Supriya Dabir-Gautam, MS, DNB, FVRS
    • Serves as tertiary centre, manages complex retinal disorders medically and surgically
    • Referral centre for general ophthalmologists
    • Conducts ROP-Retinopathy of prematurity screening for premature and low birth weight infants
    • Medical Retina –Lasers,Intra vitreal Injections
    • Surgical Retina-MIVS -Micro Incision Vitreo Retinal Surgeries
    • Retinal Laser Photo Coagulation – Quantel Multispot
    • Comprehensive Eye Examination – Includes Refraction, Intra Ocular Pressure recording, Glass Prescription
    • Glaucoma Screening, Management
    • Diabetic Retinopathy Screening and Management
    • Low vision care and rehabilitation
    • Neuro Ophthalmology
    • Uvea
    • Dry Eye
    • Computer Vision – Syndrome
    • ND-YAG Laser
    • Applanation and Non Contact Tonometry
    • Computerized Field Testing – Zeiss Automated Perimetry
    • Pachymetry-Ultra Sonic
    • Optical Coherence tomography
    • Ultrasound B-Scan
    • A-Scan Biometry
    • Sutureless Cataract surgery Phaco Emulsification with Foldable Intra Ocular Lens
    • Anti Glaucoma Surgery
    • Pterygium Excision with Autograft
    • Retinal Laser Photo Coagulation – Quantel Multispot
    • ND-YAG Laser
Low Vision Rehabilitation Centre VHS
    • Started in June 2017 we are one of the very few centres offering this service.
    • Around 500patients have benefited in the form of low vision aids, contact lens, specialized refraction, orthoptics.
    • After Comprehensive low vision evaluation optical, Non-optical, assistive devices are dispensed to maintain and improve existing vision
    • Counseling , Referring for certification to avail government concessions
    • Guiding patients to centres that offer vocational training, computer education
Treatment sponsored or offered at subsidised cost for the following
    • Cataract with IOL Implantation
    • Intra Vitreal Injections
    • Vitreo Retinal Surgeries
    • Diabetic and Glaucoma Investigations
    • Anti Glaucoma Medical treatment
    • Low Vision Aids


Dr. S. Parthasarathy, MBBS, DO, FICO

Mon to Sat

Dr. Supriya Dabir-Gautam, MS, DNB, FVRS

Mon to Sat

Dr. Indumathi Sridhar, MBBS, DNB (Ophthalmology)

Mon to Sat

Dr. B. Vidya, MBBS, DO, DNB (Oph), FRCS (Glas)

Mon to Sat