The Department of Oncology was inaugurated in July 2014 and is a fully equipped centre of medical oncology with nine beds, air-conditioned, and Central Oxygen supply. The Department continues to provide Chemotherapy with all required infrastructure and handles patients as day care patients, with the help of trained staff. Patients, for whom monitoring is required, stay overnight in the centre and, if need be, are transferred to the Intensive Care Unit at VHS. Chemotherapy is provided at a subsidised rate at the Department. The drugs used for Chemotherapy are sold at 40% less than the MRP so as to be affordable to the patients seeking treatment at VHS.


Dr. Sankar Srinivasan , AB FACP, AB (Med Onc), AB (Int.Med), AB (Hemat)


Dr. Kathiresan, Surgical Oncology (Visiting Consultant)

DR. Kannan, Head and Neck Oncology (Visiting Consultant)

DR. Sriprakash Duraisamy, Head and Neck Oncology (Visiting Consultant)