Paediatrics and Neonatology



State of the Art Neonatology centre was inaugurated during the year 2016-17 with facilities to provide neonatal care to the new born babies.

All deliveries conducted at VHS, both normal and caesarean, are attended to by the neonatologists for resuscitation of the babies at birth. The babies admitted in the NICU are both intramural (VHS born) and extramural (referred from outside). Babies born here have regular check-ups in the Paediatric OP and counselling about feeding, immunisation and child rearing is given to the individuals raising them. Several of the common paediatric emergencies like febrile fits, seizures, dengue shock syndrome, and tablet poisoning are handled in our Paediatric Casualty and admitted as inpatients, if necessary.


Dr. Janaki Mahadevan, MBBS

Mon to Sat

Dr. D. Gayathri , MBBS, DCH

All Days

Dr. T. Thambarasi , MD, IAP Neonatology Fellowship

All Days

Dr. U.M. Priyadarshini , MBBS

All Days

Dr. M.A. Abdul Rahman, MBBS

All Days

Dr.T.K. Balaji , MBBS,MD(Paed)

Dr. Dinesh , MD

Mon to Sat

Dr. K. Subhashini , MBBS

All Days

Dr.S. Sridevi , MBBS, MD(Paed), FPIC


All children born here are immunised as per schedule, the vaccination being made available at a subsidised cost. The team of paediatricians also conduct training programmes for nurses on neonatal care.